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lima bean~
4 March
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Wynken,Blynken and Nod one night sailed off in a wooden shoe....
airports, ale, aloe, alpaca, alphabet, amélie, ape roll doodle, bats, battle axe cuts, being in love, bette davis, better off dead, billie holiday, birthdays, biting, black bras, blondie, blues clues, bowling, briget jones, bubble gum, bunnies, butterfly kisses, button up shirts, cakewalks, candy, cereal, cheese, cheese and apples, chestnuts, cirque du soleil, converse, crabs, crackers, cranberry juice, croutons, daddy long legs, danny elfman, dinosaurs, dollys, donnie darko, doodles, duck billed platypus, ducks, edward scissorhands, elephant, ephesians, erin doodle, eskimo kisses, everlong, eyelashes, fig newtons, fiona apple, food, forest, forget me nots, garbage, gargoyles, ghost world, gin, glass, goats, green, green condoms, gum, hematite, herbs, honey, ice cream, jam, jason lee, kids in the hall, kissing will, kiwi birds, korean buffet, lace, lain, laughing, lavendar, lawn dogs, leopard print, lima beans, lips, lunchables, maggie doodle, making out, mallrats, margaret cho, mashed potatoes, microwave, moo, movies, muppets, music, nighttime, old movies, oldies, orcas island, orgasms, paddington bear, papercuts, peppermint anything, pie, piebald with will, pine cones, pleasantville, puddle stomping, puffins, red lipstick, reverend horton heat, rupunzel, sand boxes, sarcasm, screaming, sea shells, seriel killers, sesame street, sharks, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, stand by me, sun, sunshine, tacks, talking to will, tea sets, teddy bears, telephones, the hanging garden, the meteors, the nightmare before christmas, the ocean, the stray cats, the virgin suicides, thinking, thor, throat, toast, toys, trance, vampires, vodka, wilco, will blake, windex, wit, wrists, wynken blynken and nod, yellow, zebras

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